Saved by the All-Merciful Allah

Hier kommen ein paar Zeilen einer schönen sohbet Großsheikh Abdullâh ad-Daghistânîs, ausnahmsweise in englischer Sprache, die eine bestimmtes Licht auf die unten so heftig diskutierte Theodizee-Frage werfen.


On the Last Day will be intercession. When all people come to the gathering place, it will be so difficult to wait there that some will ask to be in hell instead. They will go to Father Adam and ask for intercession, but still ashamed for his rebellion, Adam will send them to Noah. Because he prayed for mankind to be destroyed, Noah will send them to Moses. Moses will say: «II cannot do it because I made some mistakes in my life. You must go to Jesus.» Jesus does not say any faults about himself, but he will send them on to Muhammed, saying only: «I am not for that duty.» They will go to Muhammed, peace be upon him, and he will answer them: «Yes, I am for that duty.» And he will run to make prostration at he Maqam al-Mahmud, and ask his Lord to permit him to make intercession for all nations.

Every Prophet has private intercession for his nation. Also saints, Ulama, Hajjis and all Mu’min may do intercession. On the Last Day, when all these have made their intercession, it will be asked: «Who is left now to intercede for the people still in Hell?» A voice will answer: «Only remaining the most Merciful Allah Almighty.» With His Hand Allah will reach and take out a handful from Hell. The amount in that handful I can’t say, but it must be more than the combined intercession of other intercessors – as His mercy is greater than the mercy of all creation together. Those people never did any goodness in their lives. On their heads will be written. «Saved by the All-Merciful Allah.»

( Mercy Oceans Book Two, p 134 f.)