Der Heilige Vater trifft Sheikh Nazim Efendi

(Photo: AP) – 5. Juni 2010. Ein kurzes und erfrischendes Treffen zwischen Maulana Sheikh Muhammad Nazim al-Haqqânî und Seiner Heiligkeit Papst Benedikt XVI. fand während dessen Zypern-Besuch vor der Apostolischen Nuntiatur in Nikosia statt. Der folgende Bericht enthält Fotos und Filme dieses Treffens, den Text dessen, was zwischen beiden gesprochen wurde, einen Kommentar Sheikh Efendis und Berichte von Radio Vatikan darüber.



Benedikt XVI.: ... Thank you

Maulana: Thank you, Sir.

Benedikt XVI.: We regret for … unfortunate

Maulana: Very happy. Very happy God bless you.

Benedikt XVI.: Thank you. God bless you also.

Maulana: Pray for me.

Benedikt XVI.: I pray for you.

Maulana: I am so old one.

Benedikt XVI.: I am also old.

Maulana: And this area is my home, just here. Behind this my house, I am growing. Subhanallah. One day I am meeting His Holiness to be here, that is most surprising event. Mashaallah, mashaallah.

Benedikt XVI.: God bless you. Give my grettings to all brothers and sisters … God bless you.

Maulana and Pope hugging each other.

Maulana: Good one. Open it (present).

Presents were given.


Etwas später im Auto sagt Sheikh Efendi vom Auto aus in einige Mikrophone: I am happy with … Only I was thinking that His Holiness younger than me. But he is more than me. I am happy. And I hope that the Lord of Heavens to make our hearts on same direction to love each other and to help each other here and hereafter under the flags of Prophets, under the flags of holy ones. Holy ones’ Love gives life …



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One interesting encounter happened on the way to the Mass. The Pope met with Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Adil Al-Haqqain, a leading Sufi Muslim leader from Nothern Cyprus. He lives near the Church in the Turkish part of Nicosia. The two men met, and both mentioned how old they were, since they are both in their 80s. The two men exchanged gifts and embraced, and then the Pope proceeded to Mass.

Pope Greets Muslim Leader in Cyprus (05 Jun 10 – RV) On Saturday Afternoon, ahead of Mass with the priests, deacons, religious and ecclesial movements in Holy Cross Church, Nicosia, Pope Benedict XVI met with the spiritual leader of a Sufi movement in Cyprus. Vatican Press Office Director, Fr. Federico Lombardi, says that Sheik Mohammed Nazim Abil Al-Haqqani, the spiritual leader of a Sufi movement, was seated along the Pope’s processional route towards the Church of the Holy Cross. Fr Lombardi said : “The Pope stopped to greet the 89 year old religious leader, who welcomed him by saying “I am very old” to which the Pope replied “so am I”. He then told the Pope that he lived close to the Church and had wanted to come to greet him, and he gifted Pope Benedict with an decorated piece of wood, a plaque with an Islamic inscription and a rosary. The Pope gifted the religious leader a medal and they embraced”. Fr Lombardi commented that Sheik Mohammed Nazim Abil Al-Haqqani is active in inter faith dialogue and described his gesture as one of “Islamic fraternity”. Earlier today Fr Lombardi held a press conference on the progress of the Papal trip so far. Hear more: 00:11:46:54