No-one is responsible in democratic procedure

Maulana Sheikh Nazim al-Haqqani hatte mich aufgefordert, zu den Leuten zu sprechen. – «Hilfe, Meded ya Sayyidi!» – Was wird da ins Herz geschickt, das den Anwesenden nützlich ist? – Der folgende Film zeigt die auf Englisch gehaltene Ansprache über die internationale Finanzkrise und ein inneres Problem demokratischer Willensbildung.

Sheikh Salim «No-one is responsible in democratic procedure» from Salim Spohr on Vimeo.

Maulana Sheikh Nazim al-Haqqani has told his follower, Sheikh Salim, to address people. So he speaks about, what comes in his heart, people may be in need of. -

The addressing is about the financial crisis and the internal basic problem of the democratic procedure, that in voting no-one really makes a decision, and therefore no-one is responsible. Everyone taking part in voting, only decides the direction he votes, but the thing the voting is about in itself remains undecided so far the word will keep its original meaning and not will be displaced by a metaphor like «majority». Majority is not a real subject, feels no pain, no love. But it needs a real subject to make a decision – and to be responsible. -Recorded and edited by AbdurRauf Makki.